'There are good kids out there': Camera captures mysterious teen returning lost wallet

It’s proof that good Samaritans come in all ages. A Las Vegas mom was surprised to find a teenager dropped off her wallet after she lost it while out at the movies with her baby.

Nancy Nelson had searched everywhere for her wallet, all while little miss Adelaide watched.

"We took our little girl, and some time during the movie, my purse got knocked over and my wallet fell out. But unfortunately, I didn't notice until we got home," she told FOX 5 Las Vegas. "Could I have dropped it in the car somewhere? We searched the car. Maybe it got kicked behind a chair? We went to the theater and searched." 

Still, no wallet. 

"There was a part of me that really thought that it had gotten thrown away or that someone had stolen it," Nelson continued.


Photo courtesy the Nelson family

So she was shocked when she stepped outside and spotted her wallet by the front door -- along with a note that read, "Hi, we found your wallet at the movie theater. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."

Stunned, yet relieved, she quickly checked her doorbell-cam video to get a glimpse of the self-proclaimed Peter Parker.

"Hello, you left your wallet in the movie theater," the young good Samaritan can be heard saying. "I’ll leave it right back here, behind the haystack. Have a wonderful night."

Whether the Spider-Man acted alone or had the help of Spider Mom, this momma wants to meet the humble hero who is a true testament to the old saying that integrity is what you do when no one is watching.


Nancy and 9-month-old Adelaide 

"They didn't want anything from this. They just wanted to do a good deed. And so I want to thank them in person and just express my gratitude for being the kind of person that we hope everyone is. And for bringing back my wallet."

"I taught high school for seven years and there are good kids out there," Nelson added.

If you know who the mystery good Samaritan is, you're asked to contact desk@fox5vegas.com.