Camera found hidden in women's Walgreens bathroom

A Walgreens manager made a disturbing discovery last week in a suburban store bathroom – a hidden camera.

Police said it was recording for up to two days and hidden in an unusual way.

The camera was placed inside an electrical outlet and Velcroed to the wall. The manager of the store at 1858 E Oakton Street only realized what it was when the fake outlet fell to the floor.

Police say the device seems to be motion activated and equipped with sound capabilities and contained a small memory card.

It was placed about one and a half feet off the ground directly in front of a toilet inside the women's stall.

"I'm definitely not going back in there and I hope they catch the person that did it, it's not fair to other people,” said customer Nicole Klaisner.

You can find the spy cameras online or in stores.

John Frycek, owner of Total Security Group, says the spy cameras are legal.

“This is meant to catch thieves in the act, it's a nanny camera and it can be used for law enforcement purposes as well, it's a legal device as long as it's used in the proper, ethical and legal manner," said Frycek. "Whoever deliberately put this in a place of privacy that's a felony and if you incorporate audio with it, that's a double felony.”

Police are investigating and have no one in custody.

A spokesperson for Walgreens referred FOX 32 to local law enforcement and said they had no other comment.