Cannabis industry reform bill stalls, Illinois lawmakers pursue responsible business pledge

Despite the setback of a failed cannabis industry reform bill in the state legislature, lawmakers remain determined to address the issue by joining forces with industry stakeholders and advocating for a "Responsible Business Pledge."

Currently, there are no age restrictions or established consumer protections, including licensing, testing, and labeling requirements, for hemp-derived cannabinoids. This encompasses products like delta-8 THC, which possess psychoactive properties. Disagreements over whether to ban or regulate such products resulted in the cannabis reform bill missing the legislative deadline in May.

State Representative LaShawn Ford is now calling upon companies involved in the production or sale of delta hemp products to voluntarily implement safety measures while a comprehensive consumer protection bill is being drafted. The aim is to have this legislation ready for consideration during the legislature's fall veto session.


In the absence of formal regulations, the Responsible Business Pledge serves as a proactive approach to ensure consumer safety and industry accountability.