Chicago activists call for FBI investigation after most recent attempted kidnapping of teen in South Shore

A 15-year-old girl was hit several times in the head before managing to escape an attempted kidnapping.

Now, activists are calling for a full investigation by the FBI, saying African-American females are being targeted in Chicago and nothing is being done to stop it.

The most recent crime happened Friday morning in the South Shore neighborhood.

The 15-year-old victim says a woman, armed with a pole, came out of an alley near 75th and South Jeffery.

The woman tried to put a plastic bag over the girl's head, and hit her over and over again while dragging her to a car.

The girl was able to escape.


The woman fled in the waiting vehicle — which is described as a burnt orange, four-door Sedan with a white logo on the rear passenger's door.

The crime is still unsolved.

Organizers are also urging Mayor Lori Lightfoot to work with CPD to create a task force to investigate these cases.