Chicago airports, roads flooded with travelers for Thanksgiving

Chicago's O’Hare Airport was flooded with travelers on Thanksgiving Eve. Everyone was anxious and excited to reconnect with family.

"Oh it feels good. I’m tired of being locked in the house," said Annalyn from Michigan.

"I’m just grateful that I get to see family. It’s been a few months," said Courtney from Glencoe.

The Department of Aviation says 1.2 million travelers will pass through O’Hare, while close to 300,000 people are expected in and out of Midway Airport.

The roads are even more congested. According to AAA, 2.7 million Illinoisans will be behind the wheel.


"Everyone in our family is vaccinated, so I think we’re good," said Kathy Toma, who lives near Rockford.

Throughout the holiday, the CDC recommends avoiding crowded, poorly ventilated places and if you're sick, you shouldn’t host or attend a gathering.

Be safe and enjoy some good eating.