Chicago alderman proposes legislation to ban certain lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes, mobility devices

New proposed legislation is looking to cut down on the fire risk by prohibiting certain batteries in electric bikes and powered mobility devices. 

The concern is over lithium-ion batteries and fire risks associated with them. 

The new proposal comes from Alderman Debra Silverstein, of the 50th Ward. 

She's asking her colleagues to approve legislation prohibiting these types of batteries in Chicago

These types of batteries can be found in everything from e-scooters and bikes to other motorized chairs.

Under the proposed ordinance, the manufacturing and sale of these types of products with the batteries would face new regulations and safety standards. 

In discussing the proposal on Wednesday, Silverstein pointed to some data from New York, showing that lithium-ion batteries were the cause of fires in that city last year. 

The concern with these batteries is that they can overheat when over-charged. 

If the legislation is approved, it would take effect in September.