Chicago aldermen say teens on social media already promising a 'part two' this weekend after downtown chaos

One City Council veteran warns that outbursts of downtown violence — like we saw last weekend — threaten to do enormous damage to Chicago's tourism and hospitality industry.

Ald. Brian Hopkins notes the social media that summoned hundreds of young people to three consecutive nights of chaos last Thursday, Friday and Saturday is already promising a "part two" this weekend. 

Ald. Ray Lopez says police can't afford to be taken by surprise again.

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"It was a complete breakdown of leadership in the department for not having a plan, not knowing how to execute containment, and not getting those individuals who are committed to acts of violence and disrupting life in the city of Chicago and extricating them from the situation," said Lopez.


Lopez and other officials say that since police lacked enough manpower to arrest organizers of the violence last weekend, there are now posts on social media boasting that "part two" will be this Saturday.  The downtown 2nd Ward Ald. Brian Hopkins notes that tens of thousands of jobs are at stake in hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, many of whose patrons are already reluctant to come downtown. 

He wants police and State's Attorney Kim Foxx to use every tool they have.

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"And those tools have to include a willingness to arrest and prosecute dangerous violent offenders when they engage in mob activity that causes harm to other people," said Hopkins. "They did loot the Walgreens at one point on State and Madison. We know about the injuries. We know at least four shots-fired incidents resulting in two gunshot victims, one age 16, one age 17.  A lot of armed robberies, a lot of strong-arm robberies. Several police officers injured by the way," said Hopkins. 

Officials are hoping Chicago police will be better prepared this weekend if there is in fact another round of chaos.