Chicago aldermen seek solutions for crime surge in downtown communities

Two aldermen are coming together Wednesday night to hear from residents in response to growing concerns about crime.

Aldermen Brian Hopkins of the 2nd Ward and Brendan Reilly of the 42nd Ward aim to address the pressing safety issues impacting downtown Chicago, Streeterville and Old Town communities, such as teen takeovers and traffic issues.

Residents of downtown condos and apartments have been advised to be vigilant and not allow strangers to follow them into their buildings, following a series of reported burglaries. The rise in crime has heightened anxiety among locals, prompting this urgent meeting.

From May 13th through 19th, Chicago has seen an uptick in aggravated battery, robbery and burglaries citywide. The effects are being felt acutely in downtown areas, with many residents expressing concerns.

A recent knife fight in broad daylight further underscores the urgency of the situation. Chicago police reported that two groups clashed in the 600 block of North Michigan Avenue, with one suspect linked to a migrant shelter in Streeterville. The investigation is ongoing.

Alderman Hopkins highlighted that crime in Streeterville remains unabated, particularly around Ohio and Saint Clair streets. The aldermen hope the meeting will foster community engagement and provide actionable solutions to enhance safety in the affected neighborhoods.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Northwestern's Hughes Auditorium.