Chicago alderwoman blames city, lack of opportunity for young people for chaos downtown

A Chicago alderwoman is blaming the city and a lack of opportunity for young people for the chaos that erupted in the Loop over the weekend. 

"You can go to jail if you whoop your children, some of them could use a good a-- whooping. Sorry they could," said 20th Ward Ald. Jeanette Taylor.

Ald. Taylor is known for not mincing words or backing down.

"I don't justify this behavior, but think about this: would they be downtown if they have things in their own community?" said Taylor.


She believes the solution to this is the Peace Book Ordinance — city legislation that was introduced in June of last year. 

The legislation calls for diverting two percent of the Chicago police budget, essentially $34 million, to youth job training and violence prevention programs.

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"This is what happens when you close schools, this is what happens when you take away after-school programs, this is what happens when you don't invest in them on the front end," said Taylor.

The alderwoman is calling for any program or business that gets city funding to host a permanent youth internship program.