Chicago area school looking to change controversial mascot

A Chicago area school could be changing its mascot.

A committee is recommending the school change the mascot from the Redskins by next year.

The Morris Herald-News says a committee examined the name and the history behind it.

No potential replacement mascot has been named yet.


This follows a number of other schools and organizations, like the Washington Football Team, which decided to change its mascot last year.

"The Redskins mascot has been a topic of controversy for many years. It is a divisive and emotional issue for many people, with some arguing that it is meant to show honor and respect, while others argue that it is a racial slur," said The Superintendent Morris Community High School District 101. "The Morris Community High School District 101 Board of Education authorized the formation of a committee back in February to discuss the mascot, and that committee made a report to the Board Monday night. The committee recommended that the District stop using the mascot after the next school year. It is now up to the Board to consider the committee's recommendation, and they could vote on the matter as early as June."