Chicago-area schools increase patrols as disturbing TikTok challenge emerges

Schools in the Chicago area and across the nation are increasing patrols as a disturbing TikTok challenge has started to emerge. 

It's not a specific threat, but an encouragement for people to act.

The TikTok challenge was called National Shoot up Your School Day and designated Dec. 17 as a day for shootings and bombings. 

The post was removed and TikTok issued a statement saying there’s no evidence it originated on TikTok but officials with the app are working with law enforcement

The origins of the posts remain unknown, and there have not been any specific schools or cities mentioned.

Regardless, school districts across the country are notifying parents and increasing patrols after the viral messages.


Local police said they are taking safety precautions seriously. 

They found no credible threat but are deploying resources to schools and encourage parents to talk to their children so that they feel comforted. 

Tom Gadomski, executive officer with the Park Ridge Police Department said there was an officer inside Maine East High School, while other officers visited the suburb’s other campuses. 

One sophomore student told FOX 32 the school sent home a letter about the threat and there was some anxiety among her friends but she felt comfortable with the actions taken by school officials and police.

Niles Police put out a statement saying they're aware of the threats, but no schools in Niles have received threats. They are still increasing patrols around schools.

North Shore School District said they also have no known threats, but are working with law enforcement and asking parents to closely monitor social media.

TikTok says they are working with law enforcement to look into warnings of potential violence at schools — although they have not found any evidence of such threats originating on or spreading via TikTok.