Chicago Auto Show features swarm of electric vehicles

This year's Chicago Auto Show is electric.

The latest technology includes vehicles that go farther on a single charge and can entertain even the pickiest backseat riders.

FOX 32 looked at off-road vehicles, minivans, muscle cars and a super-duper SUV — all on display this year.

"This is our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4 X E, so it's our electric plug-in hybrid. It will do over 20 miles of all electric range and get over 50 MPG, which is really great," said Jim Morrison, Senior Vice President of Jeep North America.

Yes, the Jeep is pink and powerful enough to go off-road.

Next up was a Dodge SRT.

"This car has something that no other car does in the industry. It has an SRT power chiller. So what it does is it takes the AC refrigerant, puts it into the supercharger, basically cooling the supercharger down, letting you make way more power than you would typically," said Ashton Munos, Dodge SRT brand manager.

From muscle cars to minivans, the hybrid Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle is a parent's dream.

"So this is a new feature by just pressing a simple button right here, you can go into controls and hit our fam-cam and it's a camera that will identify both the second and third row to give really a good look at what's happening in the back of the vehicle," said Kelley Enright, Public Relations Manager.


For the high rollers, the fully loaded Grand Wagoneer Obsidian model features 75 inches of screens inside — setting you back $100,000.

"You can play TV in there for the first time ever, even on the passenger side … You can actually start the program in your house and finish the Amazon Fire program right there," Morrison said.

The Chicago Auto Show opens Saturday and runs through February 20th. New this year is six test-drive tracks, making it the most interactive auto show yet.