Chicago bird migration season: A friendly reminder for city residents

It's that time of the year again when birds are on the move. Chicago is currently in the midst of its annual bird migration season, with millions of these feathered travelers passing through on their way south to their winter nesting grounds.

Approximately 100 different bird species fly through Chicago daily during this migration. However, this natural phenomenon presents a minor challenge, particularly for residents living in tall buildings.

To assist our avian companions, individuals residing in high-rise apartments are kindly asked to take some simple precautions. Turning off lights during the night or closing window blinds can significantly reduce the chances of birds colliding with windows.

The Chicago Tribune reports that just last week, around three dozen birds were injured in window collisions, with an additional two dozen losing their lives. It's important to remember that small actions on our part can help safeguard these birds as they pass through our city.