Chicago boy retires his 'joke of the day' after getting fully vaccinated

A Chicago boy with his nose in a joke book has been putting his heart into making people laugh.

"People don't like the pandemic, you got to have something to brighten up your day," said Asher Horowitz.

The 6th grader became the "Jokemaster" of Lincoln Square, posting a joke outside his home every day since COVID hit.

Some soaring like this one: "My leaf blower is broken. It sucks."

Some bombing such as, "What has eight arms and puts out fire? Smokey the Octopus."

FOX 32 first interviewed Asher last year. He started posting a joke of the day in March 2020 when he was 9. He's now 11-and-a-half.

But one huge development has convinced him it's time to put away the white board. He's getting his 2nd COVID shot.

"The joke of the day was to give people light during COVID. Now I'm vaccinated, it's not really that much COVID anymore. It's less of an aspect now," explained Asher.

"The pandemic started it and this is this is a new page of the pandemic for him," said Karen Horowitz, Asher's mother.


When this started, the Horowitz family thought it might last a few days but Asher has posted jokes for 610 days, after they realized people needed this.

"It was clear that it became a part of people's sort of daily routine. We passed so many people who had nothing to do that day, but they had one stop they had to make which was to come to the joke of the day house," said Karen Horowitz.

They've received many thank you notes and cards, more joke books, but also a lot of praise for the reason this is ending.

"I've gotten vaccinated. People have complimented me on that. A nurse wrote me a letter, one of my best customers who wrote me a letter, saying we're so proud of you for getting vaccinated," said Asher.

For his final day, Asher posted some of his all-star jokes. Plus a note that better be a joke, saying he'll see us next pandemic.