Chicago community holds vigil for Marine veteran who died in carjacking attempt

It was a time of reflection, gratitude and inspiration, honoring the life and service of Marine Veteran Keith Cooper.

More than 200 people huddled outside Hyde Park’s Kimbark Plaza on Friday, the same place where Cooper was brutally attacked.

The 73-year-old was heading into CVS on Wednesday when prosecutors say two men tried to steal his SUV.

Court documents say Cooper was punched in the head and soon collapsed. He went into cardiac arrest and died at the hospital.

Police caught the two suspects less than a mile away from the scene. Witnesses gave detectives many leads to track them down.

"Thank you so much for helping my dad, those who gave him CPR, helped him to the ground and pointed out the attackers. Thank you so much," said daughter Keinika Carlton.


Frank Harris, 18, is now charged with murder and attempted aggravated battery. According to court documents, Harris was sentenced to two years probation just two months ago after being charged in another vehicular hijacking case last September.

"I'm grateful he did not receive bail because this was not a first time for him, he needs to suffer the consequences, he has to," Carlton said.

Carlton says she has received calls from around the country. Cooper was a Vietnam veteran and also a lover of jazz music.

A 17-year-old was also charged with murder and aggravated battery in the case.

A memorial for Cooper will take place next week, July 24th which happens to be two days after his 74th birthday.