Chicago engineer leaves job to serve on Israel's front lines

It has undoubtedly been a difficult time for Dr. Maya Viner as her husband serves on the front lines amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

"His whole world is in Israel. His family, his friends," said Dr. Viner.

Her husband, Amir, returned to Israel just hours after the war started.

Amir's decision to leave his job as an engineer in Chicago to return to Israel and join the IDF highlights the personal sacrifices many individuals make during times of conflict.

"They didn’t send him a notice, so he called the embassy, and he showed up on the base, volunteered even without getting a notice," said Viner.

"We want to find ways to come together," said Rabbi Mordechai Gershon of Chabad Jewish Center of South Loop.

Dr. Viner's prayers for the safe return of her husband, Amir, underscore the emotional toll and uncertainty experienced by families during times of conflict. 

It's a sentiment shared by many in similar situations.

"It’s hard to know that the person you care about most is there," said Dr. Viner.

On Wednesday, the 'Unity Challah Bake for Israel' hosted by the Chabad Jewish Center of South Loop reflected a hope for peace in Chicago that resonates globally.

Initiatives like these emphasize the importance of unity and understanding amid conflicts.