Chicago first responders honored during OEMC awards ceremony

Some of the city's most valuable first responders were celebrated Wednesday for answering the call.

Several 911 call-takers are honored for their calm yet urgent action when a Chicago police officer was killed, others for handling everyday tasks with professionalism. 

One of the 311 operators noticed an email threatening Mayor Lori Lightfoot with harm and notified police and her director.

Investigators found the person who was later charged. 


FOX 32 talked to Debra Powell about being awarded for her service.

"It's very nice and I guess for me, it's to see the impact right because we do it every day and then to see the other side of it," Powell said. "You know, we just do the report, send it out and then to you know see the feedback from it, and the impact of it was for me."

Several 911 operators were also awarded for handling a large multi-agency response to a highrise fire where people were trapped.