Chicago Joe's restaurant on North Side auctioning off city history pieces

This weekend, you have a chance to get a piece of Chicago history connected to North Side restaurants.

Inside Chicago Joe’s, there’s no shortage of interesting pieces ready for auction, whether you want Chicago history, wild decor or just memories of this longtime North Center restaurant.

"They've been here so many years, birthday parties, anniversary parties, just fun times, and they're going to be able to bring memories home with them," said Randy Donley, owner of Donley Auctions.


Even the iconic sign out front of Chicago Joe's will be auctioned off Saturday, along with the neon "Chop Suey" sign outside of Orange Garden Restaurant about a half-mile down Irving Park Road. That place dates back 90 years.

"(Orange Garden) opened in 1932. So it's been there 90 years and we're going to be selling that sign right after Chicago Joe's. It's porcelain, double-sided porcelain and neon. And so we're really going to be changing the landscape of the neighborhood," said Donley.

A few weeks later, the Dinkel's sign will be auctioned off, raising money for charity after the century-old bakery closes on Lincoln Avenue.

So who wants a 12-foot wide sign? There are collectors out there but Donley says people with big man caves are interested.

Opening bid on the Chicago Joe’s sign is $5,000. You have to pay to take it down and get it home. Contractors will be at the auction to give you a price.

The auction starts Saturday at 10 a.m. at Chicago Joe's at 2256 West Irving Park Road. The signs won't hit the auction block until noon.