Johnson congratulates newest firefighter-EMTs and paramedics at graduation ceremony

Mayor Brandon Johnson, along with several city leaders, attended a ceremony at the Arie Crown Theater on Monday to congratulate the newest graduating class of firefighter-EMTs and paramedics.

This marked the first firefighter graduation for Mayor Johnson, who expressed his commitment to investing in the department, considering it an integral part of Chicago's successful functioning.

Addressing the 127 members of the graduating class, the mayor acknowledged recent firefighter deaths and urged the graduates to support one another.


"You're sitting next to a brother and a sister. You're sitting next to those within these ranks that will lean on you, and you on them. The leadership and mentors in my admin station are also here to support you and lift you up in your service," Johnson said.

The graduating class was made up of 19 firefighter/paramedics and 108 EMTs. The Chicago Fire Department revealed that among the EMTs, 17 individuals have prior experience as police officers, while six are veterans.

The diverse backgrounds of the graduates further enrich the department's capabilities.