Chicago joins global protest over Iranian woman's death

Chicagoans are joining the world in protesting the death of an Iranian woman while she was in custody of Iran's morality police.

On Wednesday night, hundreds of people gathered downtown in support of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died in Iranian police custody on Friday. 

Protesters called for justice and peace as they marched in front of Federal Plaza where a memorial for the young woman was set up. 

"The government has to do something about this. They have to speak up. They have to apologize," a protester told FOX 32. 

Amini was arrested in Tehran for not wearing her hijab correctly. She was allegedly brutally beaten in a police van on the way to a detention center. 

"As we are standing here tonight, Iranians are in the streets fighting empty-handed. They are getting tortured, shot at and jailed for speaking up against the government," another protester said. 


Many Islamic women have burned their hijabs and cut their hair in acts of defiance against Iran's government. 

"The freedom of Iranian people started with an innocent girl," a supporter said.

At least seven people have died in Iran following unrest after Amini's death. 

Wednesday night's protests in Chicago remained peaceful and organizers say there will be more demonstrations to come.