Chicago man is First Lady Michelle Obama's personal hair stylist

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First Lady Michelle Obama is known for her fashion sense.

She is also known for her beauty, and there is a Chicago man who plays a big role in that department.

"I remember dreaming about hair when I was 9…until I got to the point where I just had to do it,” said Johnny Wright.

He's authentic, he's passionate and he's one of the most in-demand hair stylist in the game.

Long before Johnny Wright was rolling with the First Family, he was learning the trade from his Grandma on Chicago's South Side.

"My grandmother taught me everything I know,” he said. “I remember the smell of dax grease in the house…Grandma was pressing out some edges…I knew she was pressing out some edges."

By the age of 12, Wright was working and by high school he had clients waiting out the door. Now, he is the stylist to First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

"So I walk in greet her…she was like are you willing to move to DC to be my hair stylist. YEAH! Didn't even hesitate,” Wright said.

When he's not catering to the needs of Mrs. Obama, he's on the move. Vanessa Williams, Vivica A. Fox and R&B singer Janelle Monae are just a few of his clients, and they all want a piece of him. Wright is also the Artistic Director for a division of L'Oreal.

In the process, he hasn't forgotten where he came from and what grandma taught him.

“Her name is Minny Brown…I wear these bracelets because of her,” he said. "I didn't write my story…my job is just to make it to the end…to be present.