Chicago man on bail for gun case when he allegedly shot, killed 21-year-old

A Chicago man who allegedly shot and killed a 21-year-old man earlier this year was free on bail in a gun case at the time.

Police arrested Larry Hogan, 20, on Tuesday in connection with the murder of Gerald Kates, 21, from January of this year. Officers say that Hogan shoved them, tried to escape and repeatedly tried to grab a gun from his backpack.

The gun Hogan reached for was modified with an after-market device that allowed it to spray automatic fire, as well as a holographic sight.

The shooting was captured on video, but the gunman’s face is not visible in the footage.

Instead, police relied on surveillance footage in the area. 

Using the footage, police traced Hogan's movements back to a sandwich shop 25 minutes prior to the shooting based on his clothing - torn jeans, black sneakers, and a black hooded jacket worn over a white hoodie.

Hogan had posted a $100 deposit to leave jail after prosecutors charged him with unlawful use of a weapon in Jan. 2020. He stopped appearing for court hearings after the murder, CWB Chicago reported.

Prosecutors charged Hogan with first-degree murder, unlawful use of a machine gun, aggravated battery of police and resisting.


Judge Arthur Wesley Willis ordered Hogan held on $250,000 bail for the weapons and battery charges, but also ordered he be held without bail for the murder charge, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. 

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