Chicago mayor hints at possible replacement for ShotSpotter after contract expires

After Wednesday's City Council meeting, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson hinted that he has a replacement in mind for ShotSpotter once its contract expires. 

The mayor was answering a question about why he said all options were on the table for funding the proposed new White Sox Park. 

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He used the decision about ShotSpotter as an example of his approach. 

"Even with the decision around ShotSpotter, you know, I was very thoughtful about how we… dismissed that particular form of technology. But it didn't mean that I could not come up with a variation that allowed us to collect some data and then to build tools toward what public safety ultimately really needs, which is a holistic approach," Johnson said. 

The mayor didn't share any specifics about the tools he said would replace ShotSpotter.

ShotSpotter shuts down in Chicago on Sept. 22. 

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