Chicago's Midway Airport ranked highest in delays and cancelations, data reveals

Chicago travelers received unwelcome news as it was revealed that one of the city's airports experienced the highest number of delays and cancelations last year.

According to data released by the travel app "Hopper," Midway International Airport emerged as the most unpredictable airport in the country, with nearly half of all flights disrupted during the summer.

The data indicated that approximately 50% of flights departing from Midway International Airport encountered disruptions, causing significant inconvenience for passengers. In contrast, O'Hare International Airport, the city's larger airport, saw a lower percentage, with only 25% of flights affected by delays or cancelations.


Given the findings, Hopper offered recommendations to travelers in order to mitigate the risk of disruptions. The app suggested that passengers consider booking the first flight of the day to minimize the likelihood of delays or cancelations.