Chicago mom shares parenting hack to track kids down in the virtual world

A South Side Chicago mom may have discovered 2023's most innovative parenting hack.

Last Wednesday, Chariel Watson was trying to call her 11-year old daughter Miracle at home with a small favor: take the lasagna out of the freezer so it was thawed by the time she got home.

After repeated attempts to get ahold of her daughter, Watson decided to use her phone to look for Miracle inside the virtual world called Roblox, an online gaming platform where many kids connect and play in real-time, in different games and different rooms.

Sure enough, Watson found Miracle near a virtual beach, about to hop into a virtual car with cousins and friends, and asked her to thaw that lasagna.


"When I got on there, my little cousin, she was getting ready to jump in the car, so they could drive off. I ran past my little cousin and jumped in the car. I'm like, ‘I know you see me calling you.’ She's like, ‘I'm sorry, mom.’ I'm like, ‘take the lasagna and the garlic bread out the freezer so I can cook it.’"

The strategy worked like a charm.

Watson told Fox 32 News the lasagna and garlic bread were delicious, and served on-time.