Chicago's Muslim community aims to educate others during Ramadan

Chicago area Muslims are reaching out with open arms to educate the community about their religion, specifically during the holy month of Ramadan.

They are doing it with a billboard along Interstate 294 near O’Hare Airport, which reads, "Ramadan – Reflection, Community & Charity".

The billboard reflects the humanitarian efforts and charity work conducted by Chicago area Islamic groups and mosques. They are also offering a unique look into their religion.


"We are doing around 10 mosque open houses in Chicago and other cities to invite our non-Muslim friends, our brothers and sisters of other faiths to give them a tour of the mosque and to break the Ramadan fast together to socialize and to connect and to get educated," said Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, Director of Gain Peace Project.

The four-week campaign also includes the distribution of thousands of gift packages to neighbors.