Chicago nonprofit gets $100k donation from Molson Coors

More Illinois community college students will get a financial boost thanks to a big donation from Molson Coors.

The beverage maker is donating $100,000 to the Chicago nonprofit "One Million Degrees."

Any given year, One Million Degrees helps 900 Illinois community college students pay their tuition. They've found that of the 65 percent of public school students who attend community college, only one in four graduate.

And many times, it is unexpected expenses that get in the way.


This particular donation will assist with those expenses like fees for certification exams or a new laptop for online classes.

But this isn't the only way Molson Coors is giving back.

"We have a bigger initiative called Project Justice that we started in 2020 to really respond to the civil unrest and rising injustices that were facing Black, Indigenous and People of Color in communities. So as a part of that $1.5 billion investment, we really wanted to make sure we provided access to higher education," said Michael Nordman of Molson Coors.

One Million Degrees is looking for people who would like to mentor and coach community college students, as part of their program. You can find more information at