Chicago Palestine supporters take over downtown streets, clash with police

Hundreds of Palestine supporters took to the streets of downtown Chicago on Monday to protest the ongoing war in Gaza.

The large group, however, apparently did not go through the proper protocols needed to demonstrate and march, leading to clashes with police.

At one point, police created a barricade on Adams Street near LaSalle and Clark in an attempt to stop the massive crowd from marching too far.

There were at least 100 police officers in the streets to combat the protest, which was happening during the evening rush hour commute.

The demonstration started as a peaceful protest at Federal Plaza but turned chaotic around 4:30 p.m. The protesters were heard chanting "let us march!" as they attempted to push past police officers. At least 14 people were arrested. 


40 protesters arrested outside O'Hare Airport for blocking traffic; forcing people to walk to terminals

Chicago police arrested 40 pro-Palestine protesters who blocked traffic on westbound Interstate 190, cutting off traffic to O'Hare Airport on Monday morning.

This comes after 40 Palestine supporters were arrested on Monday morning for blocking traffic near O'Hare Airport. Social media photos and video of the protest showed signs that read, "Your tax $ funds genocide."

The U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) released the following statement Monday night:

"We saw on video last week the police firing 96 bullets into a Black man, Dexter Reed, back in March, and now we see them go on a rampage again to arrest protesters who are trying to stop a genocide supported by Genocide Joe Biden and the U.S. government," said Hatem Abudayyeh, National Chair of USPCN. "Our communities continue to be under attack, but we will defend ourselves and never be intimidated to protest in support of Palestinian rights and in condemnation of police terrorism against Black and brown communities."