Chicago sees massive Palestinian protest on Michigan Avenue

On Saturday, Palestinian protesters and supporters once again took to the streets of Chicago, making their way from Lake Street onto Michigan Avenue in the afternoon. The Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine had anticipated over 10,000 participants at the rally, drawing people from across the Midwest.

The massive march unfolded in the midst of an ongoing conflict in the Middle East, and just a week after another downtown march attracted thousands of participants.

"Israel's war crimes and crimes against humanity have reached a peak for the people of Gaza," said one demonstrator last weekend.

The protesters' demands include the cessation of U.S. funding for Israeli missions and the acknowledgment of what they refer to as a decades-long occupation.

"Tell me one time in history that peace happened under oppressed people. It's never happened anywhere," expressed a demonstrator.

These downtown rallies also follow the City Council's approval of a resolution condemning Hamas.

"Justice and freedom are the only solution in Ukraine, in Palestine, in South Africa, and for everyone in the world," stated another protester.

As the overseas conflict persists, Chicago police have increased patrols here at home.