Chicago police have removed 10,000 guns from city streets this year

So far this year, the Chicago Police Department has taken 10,000 guns off the streets.

Police Supt. David Brown made the announcement Monday afternoon. He says it is a huge step forward in fighting the violence across the city.

In the past 28 days, the police department says they have removed 98 weapons from the streets.

Police say gun investigations have led them all the way out of state. In one case, CPD says they arrested a man in St. Louis for illegally selling guns in Chicago. Eighty-four guns were connected to that case.

Investigators say more cases like the St. Louis case are underway right now, too.


Superintendent Brown says this will not only protect the community, but officers on the streets as well.

"Trafficking in guns, recovering 10,000 guns — as we know with Ella French's death — is dangerous work for Chicago police officers. It's very dangerous work. We've had record number of officers shot at and shot – this year, last year – it continues, this violence against police officers continues. It's more then rhetoric. It's violence against police officers in this country," Brown said.

Police have removed guns more quickly from the streets this year than last year. In 2020, the department reached the 10,000 gun mark in November.