Chicago police to announce charges in shooting of Dakotah Earley

Chicago police are scheduled to announce charges Tuesday in the shooting of 23-year-old Dakotah Earley after a person of interest was taken in for questioning Monday night.

"We can confirm we have a person of interest," a CPD spokesperson said. 

CPD Supt. David Brown will announce charges in the shooting at an 11 a.m. news conference.


Earley was shot during a robbery in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood and had to be put on life support. According to an update on his GoFundMe page Friday night, Earley is no longer on life support and now breathing on his own.

In the early morning hours of May 6, Earley was on a walk around the neighborhood when he was held up at gunpoint. There was a struggle and he was shot – three times – twice in the back and once in the neck.

Earley moved to Chicago just six months ago after finishing culinary arts school in Maryland. He lives in Lincoln Park with roommates.

Earley's mother, Joy Dobbs, said her son often has trouble sleeping and when he does, he sometimes takes a walk around the block or goes to a local convenience store.

She believes that's why he was out at 3 a.m. – a walk that's now forever changed their lives.

A bullet remains lodged in his jaw, but his mom said their biggest concern is major blood vessel damage and the possibility of needing to amputate his left foot.


"It has broken my heart to see my baby like this and what they did to him," said Dobbs. "People have been so generous and just total strangers praying for him. I read one of the messages on the GoFundMe and she said that, ‘Dakotah, all of Chicago is pulling for you,’ and that really touched me."

Earley previously worked for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, where a spokesperson described him as "strong and determined."

"Dakotah is a strong and determined young man who recently worked at the Food Depository, preparing healthy meals for people at risk of hunger," said Megan Bennett.

Earley's mom said she is originally from Chicago, but left in 1998 because of the gun violence. She now lives in Georgia.

Dobbs had expressed concern over her son living in Chicago, and worried it was not safe. Days before the shooting, she said she warned her son to be alert.

"My feeling is how dare they… how dare they try to take my son from me," said Dobbs.