Chicago professor questions extraterrestrial claims after alleged alien bodies presented to Mexico's Congress

The truth is out there, but maybe not in Mexico City after a wild presentation of two alleged alien bodies in their Congress.

They were discovered underground, but the Mexican government says they came from the sky. And here in the United States, it has people talking. 

The two alleged nonhuman bodies uncovered fossilized in mines in Peru in 2017 were presented to Mexico's Congress.

Radiocarbon dating supposedly revealed them to be up to 1,800 years old.

The discovery has brought out true believers and doubters.

Alien whistleblower Jon Stewart says he's studied extraterrestrials over the course of five years and the government's alleged involvement. He handed over his findings to a U.S. congressman.

"People better start waking up, You have government agents with the highest clearance coming forward to Congress, saying these are real, and we have encountered them," said Stewart.

University of Chicago professor and space historian Jordan Bimm says there are glaring red flags, and he isn't buying the wild claims.

"The background of this self-proclaimed ufologist and journalist Jamie Mussan, who's made false claims of extraterrestrial life in the past as recently as 2017, similarly reframing human remains as if they are extraterrestrials, that's a huge red flag," said Bimm.

Bimm also says this isn't the way that you'd learn about the greatest scientific discovery of all time.