Chicago protesters block traffic, demand ceasefire in Israel

Protesters demanding a ceasefire in Israel caused traffic disruptions during Monday's evening rush hour in Chicago. The demonstration coincided with the release of two additional hostages by the militant group Hamas.

In Chicago, hundreds of Jewish protesters took to the streets, calling for an end to Israeli military actions in Gaza. Chicago police issued more than 70 citations as demonstrators obstructed traffic on Ida B. Wells Drive.

Meanwhile, Hamas on Monday released two Israeli hostages who had been held captive for over two weeks. The hostages are Israeli women, one aged 79 and the other 85.

In Tel Aviv, posters featuring images of children and young people who remain kidnapped, a total of 212, are displayed.

"We think that they should be free now. The government should do everything in its power to free them now," said Miriam Shaharabany, a friend of those taken by Hamas.

The protests and demands continue amid ongoing tensions and conflict in the Middle East.