Chicago Public Schools students return to classrooms on Monday

About 340,000 Chicago Public Schools students will return to in-person learning on Monday. For many, it’s been more than a year of surviving all things virtual.

I think I learned better in person because on line there was just too many assignments and I couldn’t keep up," said 8th grader Elijah Gonzalez.

Racquel Santiago has four children going back into the classroom. As the Delta variant makes its rounds, with more COVID cases involving children emerging, Santiago says she’s a bit nervous.

"I’ll do a lot of praying to have God protect us in the morning," she said, noting that her kids will be wearing masks.

 "Our number one priority is making sure schools are safe and we believe they are safe," said Mayor Lori Lightfoot.


 All Board of Education employees are now required to be vaccinated. There will be weekly Covid screenings at CPS schools. Also, students and staff must wear masks indoors. About 78 percent CPS personnel reportedly received their shot.

 Jay Hunter from the South Side has already prepared his 5th grade daughter.  He told her, wash your hands, keep distance and stay away from people coughing.  

 At citywide back to school events held earlier in the day, students were given backpacks filled with school supplies, face masks and hand sanitizer.

"In addition to supplies, I’m hoping there are other resources that CPS will provide including social workers and therapists," said Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd).