Chicago considers raising retirement age for police, firefighters

The mandatory retirement age for police and firefighters in Chicago may undergo a change.

The City Council's Committee on Police and Fire convened on Monday to discuss the possibility of raising the retirement age to 65.

Currently, the mandatory retirement age for these personnel is 63. While some opponents argue for lowering it to 60, proponents suggest that raising the age could help retain institutional knowledge and maintain staffing levels.

"I think it's a terrible idea, certainly for fire. I don't know police as well," said Alderman Nicholas Sposato, 38th Ward. "A detective, a chief on the police department – I don't know the job – no problem. A PO working a busy district, I think it's a rough job."

Alderman Sposato emphasizes that he would only support raising the retirement age if it has the approval of police and firefighters. No vote was taken during the committee meeting.