Chicago reacts to historic conviction of former President Trump

As word of former President Donald Trump's guilty verdict spread across Chicago Thursday, there was no shortage of reaction to the topic. 

On Thursday, FOX 32 hit the pavement downtown to get opinions on the historic conviction.

"I thought it was great that he was finally being held accountable for his actions," said Sara Rusk. "I think it says that nobody is above the law."

"My first reaction was that it was a travesty," said Jeff Thomas. "There was no crime committed and they found a crime that didn’t exist."

"Anybody else would have been in jail a long time ago," said Mark Williamson, who is visiting from Nashville. "I actually think justice was served."

Trump is now the first former U.S. president to be convicted of felony crimes.

"I would say it's a disgrace," said Saad Inam, who is visiting from Scotland.

Along with viewpoints from those who will be casting ballots this fall, came reactions from visitors, including one couple from Scotland, a man from Italy who is in the Windy City for a medical conference, and another who lives in Chicago but is originally from the Emerald Isle.

"I don't know if he's guilty or not, I don't know if it's a maneuver before the election or not," said Alessandro Borriello, of Italy. "Honestly, I'm not supportive of Trump. Also, Biden is not my preferred candidate."

"It’s going to have big influence on the world. I’m originally from Ireland. Anything that happens in America – big effect on the world," said Dara Boland.

And the world is watching – not only now, but in November when the jury is still out on just how much this will impact the election results.

"I hope people start to use character as a criteria for picking the next president of the United States," said Williamson.

"It’s going to make things more partisan and more challenging for both sides of the political spectrum," said Thomas.

"It will definitely be a calling card for Democrats in my opinion, and I’m sure Republicans will jump to defend him," said Adam Lewis.

"If the Republicans are angry enough and reactive enough, it could sway it I think," said Boland.

"I think what’s going to matter more in the long term is what voters choose to do with this information," said Jessica Castellanos.

Some of the people FOX 32 spoke with said they feel the latest out of the Manhattan courtroom Thursday will cause voters to be more deeply entrenched in the political beliefs they had prior to the verdict.