Chicago schools to decide whether to keep police officers on campuses

Chicago schools are poised to vote on keeping police on campuses as part of a district-wide plan to reevaluate safety plans.

There are currently 59 police officers stationed across 40 Chicago Public Schools.

During a board meeting on Wednesday, officials announced they are considering reducing or eliminating the police positions. Each school will now convene a safety committee before local school councils vote by June 2nd on keeping officers at schools.

Police in schools was also a hot topic during our FOX 32 Mayoral Forum Wednesday night.


Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas and former teacher and union organizer Brandon Johnson have vastly differing opinions.

"The best way in which we can actually keep a local school community safe is by making sure we have more adults in the building. There are schools right now that have union security guards without police officers, and you ask those parents and those families, like the school my children attend, we feel safe," Johnson said.

"We had police officers in our high schools and trained security in our elementary schools because police officers deter active shooters. There have been 240 school shootings in the last decade. Three times the number of the previous decade," Vallas said.

Meanwhile, a new mayoral poll shows the gap between the candidates is closing.

Election Day is April 4th, and early voting is currently underway.