Chicago snowstorm: Friday forecast calls for coldest temps seen in years

It’s the cold that’ll gotcha today. Temperatures are at their coldest levels in years right now with wind chills that are about as bad as they ever reach around these parts.  

The temperature may stay below zero all day today with chills of -25 degrees to -40 degrees. Frostbite can take less than 10 minutes at those levels.  

Winds will gust to more than 40mph, but fears of widespread power outages simply aren't happening.  As of Friday morning, barely 1000 ComEd customers have no juice.  

There will be blowing snow in open areas warranting concern for travel. Certainly likely to be flight delays and public transport changes due to the cold and wind.  


Lake-effect snow will target northeastern Porter County and Michiana today with several more inches of snow. While spotty snow showers of little additional consequence occur elsewhere. 

Into the holiday weekend it will be dry and very cold. Highs tomorrow at least nose barely into double digits, but wind chills remain around -20 degrees.  

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Christmas should be mostly sunny with highs in the low to mid-teens. A big turnaround in temperatures is on the way for the end of next week when a run toward 50 degrees appears likely.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for a majority of Chicago-area counties until 6 a.m. Saturday.