Chicago, suburbs hit with snow

The second snowfall of the season brought major travel delays at O’Hare and Midway airports.

As of 9 p.m. Saturday, more than 1,100 flights scheduled Sunday at O’Hare were canceled and another 158 at Midway were canceled. 

Road crews worked around the clock during the winter storm.  IDOT deployed 300 snow plows Saturday evening and expected to increase that to 350 plows by Sunday.

Chicago crews started work on Lake Shore Drive and the arterial roads Saturday. Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Charlie Williams said once the snow stops they will redirect their attention to the residential streets.

He said the plows are working double duty in anticipation of a  major drop in temperatures over the next few days.

“As the salt comes out of the truck we spray a mixture of beet juice on that salt so it works better in the colder temps, but the temps are actually going to be on our side as we clear the snow,” said Williams. “We anticipate the snow being cleared before the temps drop so the streets should be safe and passable.”

The second big snowfall of the season and some people are enjoying it - at least for now.

“The snow is nice for about a month and then after that not so much,” said Michael Kellbach, who was visiting Millennium Park Saturday night. “I will take some Cali weather.”

If you live in the city and your rent your home  - remember the landlord must keep the temperature at 68 degrees during the day and 66 degrees at night. Dial 311 for any issues.

Meteorologist Mark Strehl said that Chicago and suburban residents should expect anywhere between six to 10 inches of snow by Monday afternoon.