Chicago to start accepting proposals for a casino in April

Chicago is moving ahead with plans for the city's first-ever casino.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Wednesday that she does have some locations in mind, but that the city wants to know what casino operators and visitors would like to see. The city is expected to start accepting proposals for the casino in April.

The casino is expected to open by 2025.

Lightfoot said she wants the final spot for the casino to be more than just a place to gamble. 


"We need to create an entertainment district, so that we have good paying jobs not only on the front end, through the construction, but on the back end," Lightfoot said. "A tourist destination for people all over the world to come see this latest attraction in the great city of Chicago."

Nearby, the new Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana is expected to open in Gary in mid-May.

Chicago's quest to open a casino and reap the tax benefits has been going on for years.