Chicago twins' clothing business booming thanks to Amy Schumer

Twin sisters from Chicago are trying to keep up with internet sales that exploded this week.

It started when a Hollywood actress and comedian did a spread for a magazine wearing a t-shirt from their collection.

Imagine the shock when two sisters were texted a photo of comedian Amy Schumer wearing their "No Coffee, No Workee" t-shirt that appears in the May issue of Vanity Fair. Now, business is booming from their West Loop apartment.

Two years ago, Kathryn Rostan-Cook took a career leap of faith.

“I was doing customer service at Groupon, it wasn't for me.  I was right out of college so I started doing phone cases and selling them on Etsy and after that, I decided to shift to graphic t-shirts,” Kathryn said.

She enlisted the help of her twin sister Lindsey, who still works a full time job in international logistics to figure out how to sell their quirky slogans to make a living.

The answer? Social media.

“Probably when Beyonce wore Kathryn's shirt, we probably got 5K followers just from that, but it's been in the last year that we've seen so much growth,” Lindsey said.

Their Instagram account, bearing the company's name "From Phoenix with Love,” has grown from 800 followers to more than 20,000, thanks in part to celebs like the Queen Bee, Demi Lovato and funny girl Amy Schumer.

“Just after I saw her movie Trainwreck, I was obsessed with her, her sense of humor is exactly like mine, bathroom potty humor, stuff like that,” Kathryn said.

So on a whim, last year she sent her a shirt. But "No Coffee, No Workee" got no love. That was until last week when it popped up in a preview for next month's Vanity Fair.

“It couldn't have been better. It was perfect that she chose our shirt out of all she has is truly an honor,” Kathryn said.

Since then, internet sales have tripled and the shirt they had taken off their site is now back and selling like crazy.

It’s advertising you can't put a price on, and they've got Amy to thank for that.

The twins have also expanded the t-shirt line to include hats, mugs and even clothes for your dog.

For more information on the twins' brand, check out their website