Chicago volunteers helping homeless stay warm amid cold snap

With dangerous cold settling over Chicago, there is a push to keep homeless people safe and warm.

Jermaine Jordan and his group of volunteers are working to take them to area hotels.

"It’s a blessing every time we see him," one homeless person said.

The group moved dozens of homeless people to hotels during this cold snap.

"The past couple days I've been able to avoid my frostbite and this man helped me out. I'm not on the streets, in a warm hotel room," a homeless person said.

Jordan runs a west side restaurant called Healthy Hot Free Meals, which gives out free food to anyone struggling, including the homeless.

"Cause I grew up in the projects, the Harry Horner Projects, and I know what it means to, you know, to be homeless," Jordan said.


Last winter, Jordan would come to homeless encampments to hand out food and that is when he learned just how dangerous the cold could be.

"I just had a friend last year that was at the homeless camp and froze to death, and I said if I can do anything with my own funds, a GoFundMe, to make sure they get put up in a hotel," Jordan said.

So now, they have a GoFundMe page to pay for hotel rooms.

"At the end of the day, you know, that you did some good, and also that they will sleep well," said volunteer Milton Wright.

If you want to pitch in to this effort, go to