Chicago was well prepared for unrest had Chauvin verdict been different

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot had practically threatened potential opportunists ahead of the Derek Chauvin verdict.

"We are ready to arrest and bring to prosecution anyone who would dare take the dreams of our small businesses by looting," she said. "Don’t test us because we are ready."


Chicago police squad cars were seen up and down the Magnificent Mile Tuesday night, as well as Chicago Department of Transportation trucks used to block streets, if necessary.

More and more storefronts were covered with plywood as business owners were not willing to take any chances with the verdict.

Those that work and live downtown focused their attention on the news Tuesday afternoon.

"Around 3:30/4, we were all kind of watching, paying attention to it," said Thomas Shanely, who works downtown.

"I was following during work and was surprised it came out within a couple hours," said Hoyoon Kim, another downtown worker.

Those that FOX 32 spoke with on Michigan Avenue seemed to be satisfied with the guilty verdict. 

"Obviously history has shown that that is not always the case," said Judith Harris, who lives and works downtown. "I was definitely shocked and relieved."

One Chicago resident says the whole world was watching this trial. 

"This is a start for the cops to get it together," said Tenisha Wright. "We get to see another day of life, a whole different way, a new start and new beginning of what is right."

The city also had supplemental support from the Illinois National Guard.