Chicago woman claims wig company scamming customers

Now to a consumer warning we've told you about before, involving ads on Facebook.

A woman in West Pullman says she was duped by a company claiming to sell high-quality wigs.

It's easy to get excited about a product you find while scrolling through your social media. But beware, those things aren't always as perfect as they're pictured.

Carol Shegog says she knows a good wig when she sees one. But even the self-described hair connoisseur says she got duped by ads on Facebook.

“It is a very disappointing feeling,” she said.

Shegog says the ads showed beautiful and life-like human hair, so she decided to order them.

“When I opened the wigs, I cried, because I spent my money,” she said. “the hair is not human at all.”

“This is garbage,” Shegog added.

She says she emailed the company several times and even wrote reviews, but never received a response.

“I can't wear that wig. I wouldn't tell nobody to go buy that wig,” she said.

Shegog's story is a reminder not to believe every ad you see on social media. Facebook is so concerned about advertisers that it released a new feature for users to leave feedback on what they see, and it wants users to report misleading ads to its help center.

“Don't believe the hype. Because that's what it is, it's really hype,” Shegog said.

The company told us in an email that it apologizes for the inconvenience and offered a 10-percent refund.

If you're weary of a company, you can always Google them and read reviews from other people who have made purchases.