Chicagoans finally taking in hot weather

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Summer-like temperatures have finally arrived in Chicago, for a day or two at least.

The Office of Emergency Management said Saturday there have been no major heat-related issues so far this season. Chicago Fire Department reported about 50 heat-related emergency calls in a span of 48 hours over the weekend.

The beaches in Chicago were packed Saturday afternoon as temps rose to the 90’s.

Even though the water at 31st Street beach was a chilly 64 degrees many still used Lake Michigan to cool off. Beachgoers says the summer heat is worth it.

“Becuase in Chicago it will be snowing tomorrow,” said Tyler Williams who walked around the beach with a wet towel draped over his head.

The Office of Emergency Management said they are ready for summer weather which includes the potential for storms.

“We partner up with the National Weather Service now as we speak they are at our operations center,” said Rich Guidice, the Managing Director of Operations for OEMC. 

He offers a little advice for those braving the heat this summer.

“Dress right, stay hydrated and put a smile on your face and keep on going,” he said.

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