Chicagoans flock to Rome to see Archbishop Cupich become a cardinal

FOX 32 NEWS - In just two days, Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich will be elevated to cardinal.

The ceremony will be witnessed by many Chicagoans who have made the journey to Vatican City.

As the jubilee year of mercy comes to a close in Rome, Chicago Catholics will get to keep a sweet souvenir. Pope Francis is giving the city a powerful gift. He is elevating Archbishop Blase Cupich to Cardinal.

"I think that right now, more than anything we need good words that cannot just be told here in Italy but all over the world people need to hear good things and there's a blessing to that,” said Holy Name parishioner Anne Madison.

"I think this is a great day for Chicago. I think it's an opportunity for us to really see that we have a part to play in the universal church,” Cupich said.

How this man, who is revered by so many, is reacting to the attention and honor bestowed upon him by the Pope is exactly why so many adore him.

FOX 32: Are you nervous at all? What are you feeling?

"Everyone else is doing things, I just show up. I just have to make sure I wear the right things,” Cupich said.

"It's good to see that people doing good are recognized for that,” Madison added.

The Archbishop told FOX 32 he'll be back to see his parishioners in Chicago after Thanksgiving, and that his new title will not take him away from the city he loves.