Chicagoans using pickaxes and hammers to get rid of thick ice and snow

Chicagoans were still busy digging out of the snow and ice on Saturday, days after the last snow storm hit. And there's more snow in the forecast Sunday.

"I ain't had no sleep in four days," said James Thomas of Ames Construction.

They were busy chipping away thick, slippery and dangerous ice. One four-story apartment building had thick ice on every level of the back porch.

Residents say that they couldn't take the garbage out for days, because the stairs were too treacherous.
Thomas said they have shoveled and deiced 40 homes in the past three days

Along Calumet Avenue from 33rd to 35th, we found neighbors helping each other dig out. Those helpers included Ald. Sofia King.

"Neighborhood and community is what makes Chicago so great," said Leonard E. McGee of Gap Community Foundation.