Chicago's longest running farmers market makes its return to Daley Plaza

The calendar said summer is over but Chicago’s farmers markets are kicking off fall, with fall colors, vegetables and other market favorites.

Daley Plaza City Market is the longest running market in Chicago with more than 30 vendors offering herbs, sweets and beautiful produce. The decorative corn on the cob makes a fun snack.

Steve Freeman, of Nichols Farm and Orchard says the cob-pop is a favorite. Place red, yellow or orange dried corn cobs in a paper bag, put it in the microwave and it will pop without added ingredients. 

Freeman said the Farmers Market is a great place for inspiration. 

"You know, it’s surprising just how excited some people are. Some people are set in their ways and they want the honeycrisp, gala or red delicious apple only. But there’s a lot of people who want to try new stuff. And we’re always putting new trees in our orchard. So it’s exciting for those adventurous people," Freeman said.

Womba Siangonya shopped at Daley Plaza for the first time. She was going to buy one bunch of collard greens.

"I ended up getting two because the price was too good to be and it’s $2. Then I also got some corn deep down in there becasue the season’s almost done and it’s my favorite vegetable so why not? I also got some fresh green beans and some peppers."

The Daley Plaza market brings the country to the Loop every Thursday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. through Oct. 26.