Chicago's Wieners Circle hosts 'Walk the Dog Day' celebration

The Wiener's Circle in Chicago's Lincoln Park knows the recipe for an interesting party: cook up lots of char dogs, then invite all the neighborhood dogs to celebrate 2-22-22, which is "National Walking the Dog Day."

To make that celebration really interesting, bring in the crew from Dogwalkers, a cannabis brand that encourages a puff while you walk your pup.

"Dogwalkers is a pre-rolled cannabis brand that was founded with the spirit of that lovely stroll that you take with your dog. It's such a relaxing and beautiful moment and to be able to do that along with a pre-roll product that's ready to go makes the experience even more enjoyable," said Katie Powell, Dogwalkers Senior Brand Manager.

For the owner of the dog named Maggie, this combines a couple of her great loves.

"I love dogs. You know, it's like she's been the best thing that ever happened. So dogs make the world go round way better," said Michelle Kowalski.

She also said adding a little pot to the mix never hurts.


For the hot dog place known for its attitude, as well as its food, it’s the perfect marriage.

"Already they were a safe haven and a place that welcomes dogs and the neighborhood community. So it just felt like a great opportunity to form that natural partnership between the two brands," said Powell.

The Wiener's Circle’s revamped back patio, bar and podcast/karaoke room are dog friendly.

While this joint may frown upon a dog with ketchup, they're pretty fired up about a dog with cannabis.