Child at gang trial: 'Boogeyman monster' shot 'my daddy'

Jurors at Chicago's Hobos gang trial have watched a chilling video of a boy describing seeing his stepdad shot dead by someone he called "a boogeyman monster."

It was played Tuesday at the trial of six alleged gang leaders. Prosecutors say one, Paris Poe, killed informant Keith Daniels in 2013 as his 4-year-old stepdaughter and 6-year-old stepson screamed.

The boy spoke in a hushed but steady voice. He said the "monster" suddenly appeared, shooting through the family-car windows. He recalled "fire" coming from the gun, adding, "I was covering my ears because the gun shots were too loud." He said the shooter didn't speak, saying, "He was just quiet ... shooting my daddy."

He added he knew he must be truthful, saying, "When you tell the truth ... you don't get in trouble anymore."